God help me…..please!

How many times have you cried out to God? God please help me!

God is real, and yes he can help you alright? But will he? If he does how much will he help you?

Give praises instead!

I have cried out to God so many times…mostly to receive no answer. Once I started living the rules of my faith, I realized God was jut there for me. Things got easier for me. I cried out to him less. Now a days I find my self giving God praises. He can do the same for you.

Where do you stand with God?

I know people out there seek Gods guidance love and protection. For this reason I am writing a book called “God is Good” 9 Keys to unlock and release the favor of God over your life. Its the first time I am writing such a book, however I am not knew to book writing. I feel God is using me to connect with people so they can check in with themselves, and know where they stand with God. We live in a strange time.

Something for nothing?

The truth of the matter is, God doesn’t give something for nothing. If you are expecting big changes from God because you have cried out to him, it doesn’t work that way. God wants every single one of us to be his servant. If we don’t serve him, why should he serve us. I knew a lady who complained that god didn’t give her things. I soon came to find out this women began every morning 7 days a week for about 4 hours straitght cursing! Yes, with curse words. Why should God bless this woman? She is serving Satan “ritualistically.” Perhaps she was not aware. Perhaps she was aware but had given up on God. Perhaps she had been hurt from a past experience that Caused her to believe there was no God or that God hated her.

Here are 10 tips I put together for you to start receiving help from God.

  1. Feed the poor – God loves when we feed the poor. Its as if we are helping him out, looking after the ones who are not helping themselves. King of like when you look after your Sisters 2 year old son. You do it for her, and it turns out being a great experience for you too.
  2. Think positive – God wants us to think positive. Negative thinking leads to destruction. All kinds of destruction. Keep thinking positive.
  3. Let go of the past – We can hurt our selves and physically make our selves sick by rehashing the negative past. Stay and live in the now. Don’t rehash the past in your mind. Let go. Sometimes all our sorrow is just in our thoughts.
  4. Do good to others – Many of us think that when we do evil, we somehow get rewarded…well we do get rewarded…but by whom. Satan will be very proud of you when you mistreat someone. God will reward you when you do good, because you have served him. Don’t serve the bad guy.
  5. Speak kindly of others – speaking kindly of others should be a given. If you don’t want others to talk negative about you, then choose to speak kind of others, so kind energy can come back to you.
  6. Read your Bible – I cant express to you how much reading my bible has helped my over all life in general. Fall in love with the Psalms and Proverbs, perhaps you too will see blessings from God unfold in your life.
  7. Meditate on  the life you want for Yourself – It is easy when we get down on our self, to meditate on the life we have. But, the mind is so powerful. Instead try imaging on the life you want…God can work well with you from this perspective.
  8. Always do what would make God proud of you – Never make God ashamed of his creation (which is you) always seek to make God proud. This way when you cry out to him, he will probably help you.
  9. See your self as a living example of Gods Love – Share as much love as you can every day. God feels Good when we do this, because he feels it too.
  10. Forgive others (they know not what they do) – If you are feeling down because someone wont forgive you. Try forgiving someone yourself.