Yes, the Devil is a Liar


Have you ever had these thoughts and feelings?

  • You dont know what to do with your self
  • Everything you try to do doesnt work out
  • Your life isn’t going anywhere
  • Just when you figure “God wont want me I am to unclean”
  • ” cant have anything good, I was too lustful” you think
  • ” will just grow old alone…” you think

Let me tell you…….The Devil is a liar

  • God has big big big plans for you!!!
  • God has plans to heal you
  • God has plans to protect you
  • God has plans to promote you
  • God has plans to use you to work for him and deliver his message of salvation
  • God will allow your ancestors to speak with you
  • God will make you feel wakeful when you are tired
  • God will make love yourself when you didnt know how to love yourself
  • God will be your best friend just when you thought he was done with you

Will you alllow God?

  • Will you overlook the brainwashing of the Devil and allow God in to do his Royal holy work?
  • Will you allow God to use you and to promote you on earth and in his Heavenly Kingdom?

Just Believe…. God is waiting on you!

Just try… and believe…. God is waiting for you with gifts of abundance, love, prosperity, promotion and more. Just know The Devil is just giving you a  compliment because he knows the plans God has in his back pockets just for you.

God Bless.