20 reasons to work for god


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  1. God is always hiring – God is always in need of new faithful servants. Try sitesell like I did and make it happen. Now I work for God, but online. I love my Job.
  2. God is always promoting – God loves to promote those who work for him
  3. God is the largest employer in the universe – He created everything….he has lots of positions open
  4. You decided your time off – When you work for God, you decide your Days off and on
  5. God always new job openings – Most people don’t want to work for God, but he has such a huge work load. There is always new job openings with God.
  6. God will accept your credentials – God wont say you are over, or under qualified. He qualifies those he calls.
  7. God doesn’t care about your past – God will hire you if you were a prostitute, their, liar, murderer…these types of people create the most amazing, glorified God stories.
  8. God is very loving all the time – God will give you a great big hug in the middle of your shift.
  9. God will respect your desire for family time – God loves family. As your employer, he will never try to prevent you from taking a couple of weeks off with your family.
  10. Gods door is always open to talk – You can talk to God while you work…you are allowed.
  11. You can always get over time – God loves when his servants work over time. It lets him know you really love your job.
  12. You can never mess up on the Job – You cant mess up a God job, cause God will always cover your tracks for you.
  13. God see you as flawless – God as your employer, will only see the good in you.
  14. God will see your potential in the interview – God knows who you already are…He looks inside your heart, not on the outside of your body. He knows if your heart is pure.
  15. You don’t have to wear a uniform to work – You never have to wear a uniform, unless you wantimages to. God is more interested in how you communicate to people. Your enthusiasm for him matters more than you clothing.
  16. God wont make you work at night – there are no night Jobs on Gods employment board….well maybe…but those are rare.
  17. You are allowed to refuse any Job God gives you – God wont force you to do anything you don’t want to do. In fact he just wants you to use your talents and gifts to deliver his message of love and repentance.
  18. God will love your family too – God loves family’s. If you introduce him to them…he will show them love too.
  19. You are allowed to eat on the Job – You can eat all day, and you can work all day for God. God never has a problem food or my crumbs on the keyboard, or they type of food I eat.
  20. God will always forgive you if you mess up – If you mess up on the Job…God will always forgive you. He loves you first, you work for him second. Read my Article “God help me….please.”