Trusting in God: Why not try him out?

  1. Expect the unexpected – God does not operate like us people here on the earth plane. He uses people even their life stories to send you messages, he is even partnered up with your spirit guides. I like to call them your ancestors.
  2. Not right now – When we put out trust in God, we want him to change our circumstances right now. The truth is sometimes it takes days even months. Your answer to your problem may not come right now.
  3. Serve him – God answers those who serve him much faster than those who do not serve him. Serving God means helping others here on the earth plane. So go out and donate food, money, or clothing to a charity, or someone on the street
  4. Pray – When  you figure you want to put your trust in God, just let him know through a simple prayer. God will appreciate the heads up
  5. Learn about him – You can learn about putting your trust in God by reading the bible. Its full of Gods words. It can even teach you about the benefits of putting your trust in God. Such as…”Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us.”
  6. Cry out to him – Don’t doesn’t like to know his creations are in pain. Cry out to him he will help you.
  7. God will help you – If your heart is sincere God will help you. God is not a punishing God…he just works best with those who are already working with him and who have faith in him
  8. Commit your life to him – Don’t worry I am telling you to become religious, I am telling you to become aware. Commit your life to helping others, removing negative words from your vocabulary, and negative deeds from your actions. God will accept you, he is sensitive to a change of heart.
  9. Prepare a spiritual place for your self – The word is salvation. What if you don’t believe? So what, what so bad about being a good person. If there is no heaven you wont lose anything. But if there is and you don’t prepare…you will be screwed right. Put your faith and your trust in God. I have and I have a happy day every day because of him. You should try God too.