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Are you a fake Christian? 11 Questions

fake christian
First of all I would like to thank God for all the inspiration he gives me to create these blog posts. Most of the time I take them from my real life experiences on my own or with others. Today there are a couple of things I would like to share. I will try to do 2 blog posts today. I am a Servant of God. The whole purpose of my life is to share God and his Goodness, in the hopes that my testimony will inspire others. I am not affiliated with any Church or denomination. I just love God and I believe that’s the way it should be.

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  5. Bible scripture for women who need healing from abuse
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Lets get to the blog post.

Are you a fake Christian? Here are 11 questions, that the answer to, may indicate that you are a “Fake Christian?”

  1. Do you say you love Jesus but you don’t read your bible?
  2. Do you say you are a Christian but you carry jealousy in your heart towards others?
  3. Do you say you are a Christian but you touch your self in ways a Christian should not? (sorry about that one)
  4. Do you say you are a Christian but as soon as a person upsets you, you Gossip about them maliciously with others?
  5. Do you say you are a Christian but you don’t wear a Cross?
  6. Do you say you are a Christian but you don’t believe there is always a deeper meaning to events other than what the eye can see?
  7. Do you say you are a Christian but you always assume the worst of what people say and do regarding you?
  8. Do you say you are a Christian but you believe its best to Judge someone and cut them off, instead of give them more love and be a living example of Jesus Christ?
  9. Do you say you are a Christian but you hope the worst for others so you wont have to feel bad about yourself?
  10. Do you say you are a Christian but you go to Church only when “you feel like it.”
  11. Do you say you are a Christian but believe yelling at the top of your lungs what you believe and what others should believe is ok?
  12. Do you enjoy showing off your body nude, or semi nude to others?
  13. Do you get angry when you don’t understand the meaning of someone is trying to explain to you?

Christianity was intended to teach people how to serve God.

Those who say they are Christians should be Christ Like.


  • Feeding the poor
  • Reading their bible
  • not participating in Gossip
  • Loving themselves
  • Keep their temple holy and clean
  • Not Judging others
  • Assuming the best in people etc.

I was in the shower this morning thinking…

People like to say they are Christian just so people will think good things about them. But they don’t actually want to be a good person them self or to do the things that a real Christian does.”

There are too many “fake Christians” around. From now on I will expect that when someone says they are Christian they mean they believe in Christ, but they don’t dare try to be like him. They like when others believe good things about them, but in their hearts they are just like those who don’t really believe in any positive higher power. Check out my blog post “20 Reasons to work for God.” Don’t worry I am working on a book to explain exactly what that means.