1. Spirituality – I am a Rastafari Empress.
  2. Passion – I love God…and blog about God on 2 blogs
  3. Books – I have many books and ebooks. I started to write a god ebook, but I might just put it up here. I have an ebook called 10 affirmation secrets. Its on amazon.
  4. City & Country – Toronto and Jamaica. Born in Toronto, love Jamaica and the Caribbean Islands check out my blog Jamaicanlove.org
  5. Favorite movie – Gladiator
  6. Favorite song – Too many Rasta Reggae Songs
  7. Greatest accomplishment
  8. Biggest Goal – be back with my husband, not work anymore, buy a house by the beach in the caribbean
  9. Hobby – Blogging, and writing books online to make money
  10. Strength – God and subconscious mind training
  11. What I Love Most about myself – God and my spirituality, My hair,
  12. I am a Serial Blogger – I have so many blogs. I own about 5 right now. yesgodisgood jamaicanlove jamaicanrastafarianlove subconscious mind training iworkathomesecrets and Im sure I am forgetting one or two.