Happy 20

How to Be Happy in Life

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(20 Tips to be happy)

Look I have been in your situation. Desperate. Perhaps in a dark place. Perhaps even unsure if you want to go on living. Believe me there is a lot to get happy about. Why not get excited about life. I want to help you. In fact I was feeling this way yesterday. Thank God, I have him, to help me through things. I don’t know what I would do. Happiness is a choice. Minute by minute. You have to make the effort, because Satan is the default. Be on guard.


  1. Watch the planes – Yesterday I watched a plane ascend into the sky. It reminded me of my bright tips to be happyplans for the future, which put me into a better mood. I know I will be taking a vacation some where new and exciting soon.
  2. Write a book – Writing a book can help us to let out and share our emotions and experiences. It can also help us to feel accomplished too. I write books and blog every day. Yes it makes me feel very happy.
  3. Journaling – Journaling saved my life. Really it did. I don’t know where I would be today, if I didn’t express my deep emotions privately through journaling.
  4. Make new friends online – Hey you know what I thought of the other day. You could make a list of 3-5 things that you are (Asian, Christian, booklover) then you could join groups online that cater to those groups and make new friends.
  5. Talk out Satan – Yes, sometimes we have to talk out even yell out Satan. Satan wants to steal our happiness, don’t let him. Throw the name of God all over him – out loud!
  6. Meditate – There is so much talk of mediation. People are afraid they are doing it wrong. Let me tell you. You can do a God meditation. Just sit in silence for about an hour, not eating, not watching TV. Just silent. Just stay in the same spot only getting up to go pee. This builds a bond between you and God. Watch how your luck changes.
  7. Plan a vacation – Planning a vacation feels good. My last Vacation was in Jamaica, why not try Jamaica.
  8. Time with Babies – Everybody loves Babies. If you don’t have access to a baby you can spend some time with, go watch some YouTube videos with babies in them. My favorite YouTube baby video  is “Baby doesn’t like his first taste of food.”
  9. Watch your favorite 80s movie – Remember the 80’s. Movies were so entertaining than. What’s your favorite 80’s movie. Mines are “the breakfast club, sixteen candle, weird science.” Watching your favorites movie(so from the 80’s is always a good pick me up.
  10. Think of a positive time in the past – Think of a time in the past when you were happy. It will make you feel happy instantaneously, and remind you that there are more happy times to come in the future.
  11. Work out – Working out is movement. Movement feels good. Why not play some good work out music on your phone and go for a brisk walk or for a run.
  12. Do a Meditation for happy – Meditate on happiness. Say the word happiness in your head and imagine your self as yellow happy energy, growing bigger and becoming happier. It works!
  13. Let go of the Past – Believe me, it is not worth it to dwell on the past. The only time we have is now. Your life is a Gift to you from God. Use it wisely, make him proud. Don’t dwell on the past.
  14. Write your personal happy list – I have a personal happy list. I had to come up with it because I happy-listwanted to know how I could make myself happy everyday. (Rastafari Reggae music, Rastafari Livity, Sharing my faith) See, come up with your own list of 5 or so, then you will know why you don’t feel happy and how you can fix it fast.
  15. puppies and kittens – There is something about puppies and kittens that just lift my spirits just after looking at them for about 10 minutes. If you have some puppies or kittens around, go spend some time with them. You are guaranteed to feel happy after that.
  16. Take a day off – Sometimes we just need a day off. Sometimes I work so much that I don’t realize I am working too hard. I have to plan a day off. Days off are good, they help us to feel refreshed.
  17. Read some soulful Scripture – Reading some Inspirational Scripture is my favorite pastime. Dopray to god this online, or in a book. Or open your bible and start reading Psalms 145-150. It’s all about praising God. Check out my blog post called 25 bible quotes on “goodness.”
  18. Praise God it brings good luck – God loves praises. Praising God can make you happy because, God is the one in control. Make him happy, and he will make you happy.
  19. Burn some incense – When I really want to feel a shift in my mood, I burn some incense. Try it for yourself. I like Myrrh and frankincense. It helps to get rid of negative energy.
  20. Pray to GodPrayer is a great way to express your self to God. You can also ask him for things that would make you happy too. Prayer works.